Errortype:11 - Deluxe 3 x lp

Errortype:11 - Deluxe 3 x lp

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Errortype:11 - Deluxe 3 x lp set

Errortype:Eleven is a band from NY that put out records from 1998-2001. They were a rock band in the emo scene and an emo band in the rock scene. An anomaly in look, sound and attitude. They didn’t give a shit what anyone thought then, or now. This is a collection of their 2 studio albums, available for the first time on remastered Vinyl as well as an LP of unreleased recordings from various sessions in 2001-2002 that sound like they were recorded yesterday. Great songs are timeless.


ERRORTYPE:11 – Some.Six

As Far As I’m Concered
Adventures In Conversation
Born In The 80’s
You’re So Great
Close Enough For Rock ‘n’ Roll
Take a Bow
Better Days (Repeat Chorus Four Times)
I hope All Your Dreams Come True
ERRORTYPE:11 – Amplified To Rock

Better Than The Superbowl
Selective Communication
Recollections Of 31st 6th
Things That Make You Want To (Kiss Me)
You Too Song
I’m Alive
Fly Away
As Young As I Am Old
Fra. P.
ERRORTYPE:11 – You’re Welcome (previously unreleased album)

Drink It Over
Walk On Part In A Made For T.V. War
I Hate You
Raised On The Sins Of Angels
Not “Bad”
There’s A Place
Hats Off To Jimmy Page