IN THE PINES – Interlude LP

IN THE PINES – Interlude LP

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IN THE PINES – Interlude LP 

When In the Pines released their self-titled debut in 2008, their sound resonated profoundly within and beyond the Kansas City music community.

Founded as a sextet that included a two-piece string section, the band deftly mixed music from disparate genres and eras into a sound that was fresh but familiar—nostalgic, even: a blend of old-time folk, classical music and experimental folk-rock. It cast a spell that transported listeners forward into new terrains and back into long-lost times, a sound with a sepia-toned Dorthea Lange/Dust Bowl vibe embellished with contemporary attributes that quashed any notions of revivalism or retroism.

In 2010, lead singer Brad Hodgson moved to Austin, Texas. Then live shows became more infrequent; the lineup  changed; the band took a hiatus; and the recording process was delayed, interminably, it seemed to fans awaiting new music.

In June 2020, the band released “Bones,” the first song from the impending, long-awaited second full-length. The lineup still includes five original members: Hodgson, Darren Welch (bass, vocals), Laurel Morgan Parks (violin, vocals), Matt Wolber (guitar) and Mike Myers (drums).

And now, a year after the release “Bones,” In the Pines is set to release on Arctic Records its 11-track, full-length second album, “Interlude.” The song, it turns out, revealed in many ways what the rest of the album would sound like.

It signified a departure from the Pines' initial sound yet replete with all its trademark traits: melodic, meditative and built on clever turns and changes. Over the course of 45-plus minutes, the band transports listeners on a mesmeric ride, one filled with hypnotic grooves and dusky terrains.